What Is Patch the Pirate Club?

Patch Club is a children’s program that is aimed to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to instill in them godly character through story and song.

Patch the Pirate’s stories and songs are

• character-driven
• biblically-based
• life-changing


History of Patch the Pirate

Ron Hamilton never planned to become a pirate; it just happened, in a divine way. In 1978, the discovery of cancer in Ron’s left eye resulted in the loss of his eye. The surgeon removed the bandages a week later and presented Hamilton with a black eye patch—the real-life prop that thrust him into his role as a pirate evangelist. Everywhere he went, children pointed and exclaimed, “Look! A pirate!”

“Hearing a doctor say I had cancer and may die was a very sobering experience,” he says. “Many people would see the loss of my eye and the need for wearing a patch as a great trial. But I see it as one of the greatest blessings of my life. It reminds me that God teaches us the greatest lessons in the deepest valleys.”

Immediately following the loss of his eye due to cancer, Ron Hamilton penned a song based on Philippians 4:4. Its message has encouraged many folks while journeying through a dark valley.


Our Hope

That all children will come to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ through the gospel, Bible stories, and singing.


Our Mission

To evangelize and disciple children for Christ, while teaching them fundamentals of music from good, Godly resources.


When Is Patch Club?

Patch Club is held on Wednesday here at the church at 7:00pm.
Children K4 – 5th Grade Are Welcome!